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About Dompiahene Stool

DOMPIAHENE is a stool name that signifies a chief who impetuses development and advancement with the effort and help of the community.

The office of the Dompiahene exemplifies oneness among its members to advance the communities through the provision of numerous services.

An individual cannot overlook the outstanding qualities a Dompiahene possesses in delivering his delegated mandate.

The first person to be on the stool was Nana Dr. Akosua Akyaa, also known as Dr. Patricia A. Newton, Psychiatrist, Behavioral Scientist, Author, Activist and the Executive Director and Medical Director of the Black Psychiatrists of America (BPA).

Dr. Newton is globally astute and has made a positive difference, especially as it relates to the most traumatized demographic in America.

The Dompiahene (Development Chief) of Agogo Asante Akyim has a solid foundation in tradition, sacrifice, obligation, staging his public self as chief through performing, and adhering to the protocols of royal conduct.
The obligations of a Dompiahene of Agogo Asante Akim are multiple. It ranges from the conservation of social norms to the provision of basic social amenities, creating political awareness among his subjects and serving them.

From our lovely
community, family & friends.

Agogo Asante Akyim.

Mission of Dompiahene

To project Agogo on the Global landscape through the inspiration of the Omanhene (Paramount chief) and the Elders of Agogo Asante Akyim.

 Vision of Dompiahene

To be a role model to the youth of Agogo Asante Akyim and a leader towards development.

We deem it a great honour and an opportunity to promote peace and a cooperative spirit
among the subjects as championed by the Dompiahene.

Dompiahene – Nana Bediako Brogya Sarpong

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